About Jindrich Smitka

Welcome to english page of personal blog of Jindrich Smitka. I am traveler, writer, entrepeneur and free men by the body and soul.

Where the story started…

I have travelled dozens of countries and run this blog since 2016. It all started along my 3000 Km long cross Europe on foot journey from my home town in Czech Republic to Santiago de Commpostela in Spain. This so called Camino de Santiago took me four months to finish.

In the world

Beside of Czech Republic I have lived in UK, New Zealand and some time in Spain and Chile. Also travelled to Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Gibraltar, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Vanuatu.

Art and understanding

Since 2019 I have started to create. I am making things with emphasis to minimazing waste, reusing materials, reparing stuff and those which doesn’t harm our planet, nature and its creatures and people. I also aim to support local communities and local economy.

As the initial production we have started with my girlfriend making candles and handmade jewelry.

Digitalization and digital transformation

As a part of the online initiative I run and develop this blog where I create digital products, test and probe digital sales channels and online marketing tools overall.


You can contact me via Facebook (here) or through contact form (here).